Using reference groups in marketing business community

He has a background in emerging technologies, media and communications and international relations. If you are engaging your community online regularly and you want increase your engagement numbers, it might be a good idea to setup a community reference group to help you reach even more voices in your community.

In this article we look at the thinking behind establishing a reference group, tips for establishing and selecting a reference group as well as strategies for including these groups in your consultations using EngagementHQ. Community members have a tendency to be drawn to the issues which appeal to them, or those that immediately impact their lives and often they shy away from issues deemed less important or interesting.

To combat this, many organisations utilise a community panel or reference group strategy to help drive engagement in their projects. The idea behind establishing a community panel or reference group, is to try and ensure a representative selection of your community take part in your projects as frequently as possible.

By setting up this group, it is also thought to be quicker and easier get feedback on projects over time, taking less resources to drive traffic and interest in your consultations. These groups can be setup for specific single projects such as community visioning projects, long-term infrastructure planning and capital works consultations, but they are also regularly harnessed as resource for repeat consultation on different topics. The best thing to do if you are considering setting up a community reference group is to first think about what the groups role will be in your consultation process, what their commitment looks like and ways that you can ensure relevant representation.

You must also consider how consulting with this group of people will fit in with your existing consultation strategy so that you avoid establishing a closed community panel and potentially shut off other views and opinions.

In order to setup a community panel or reference group, you first need to outline what it is you actually want to achieve from establishing the group. These ground rules might cover the frequency and duration of their involvement, the types of projects you expect them engage with, the types of feedback you will be asking for ie. Once you have established your objectives for the group and outlined how you envisage their involvement will contribute to your overall engagement strategy, you can then begin a process of determining who will be on your community panel or reference group.

If you are going to establish a community panel or reference group we highly recommend doing the work to identify exactly what a representative sample of your community looks like. This can be done by stratifying your community using demographics such as age, sex and location and then actively recruiting people in each strata. For example, if you wanted to establish a community panel of people and your were going to stratify your community based on age, sex and suburb, you would need to work out how many men and women of different ages in each suburb needed to be a part of your panel in order to make is representative.

Once you have determined how many people you need to recruit in each strata the next step is to recruit your panel. The simplest way to recruit your community panel is to put a question on your EHQ registration form.

By doing this, you are then able to run a campaign inviting people to register for your site and indicate their interest in being a part of your panel by choosing an appropriate response. By doing this you also have the double benefit of capturing new registrations for your online engagement portal.

You can also use this filter in combination with your demographic questions to start to locate your different groups of people to include in your community panel or reference group. By utilising your EHQ participant database as the main method of capturing information about interest in your panel and combining this with other essential registration questions, you place you self in a better position to quickly and easily recruit your community panel while also maintaining and growing your database.

There are many things that you are able to get your community panel or community reference group to do that can extend and expand your community consultation activities.

Below are three common uses for how you might utilise your community panel. Utilising your community panel for regular survey on a range of different topics is a fairly common approach.

If you are going to use your community panel in this way, ensure they are not the only people allowed to provide you feedback on your projects and that the public are also able to get involved.

A good time period might be months, but no longer than 12 months should pass without changing over your panel members.A large part of marketing is trying to understand people, their decisions, emotional motivations and the key factors that influence their decision making. Even the most well-planned marketing campaign can be improved by further examination of the target consumer behavior.

Engaging reference groups is one method of refining a marketing strategy by better understanding your audience. A reference group simple amounts to a group of people who resemble the target market for whom the product or service is aimed at.

Small businesses can utilize reference group effectively through email marketing. Reference groups are a way of efficiently understanding that group of people you want to reach.

Mod-12 Lec-32 Consumer Groups and Reference Groups

By associating segments of your audience with certain reference groups, you can gain an instant understanding of how to shape your marketing strategy around them. For instance, once a reference group has been defined, then it is possible to develop a list of questions that helps in better understanding the motivations and emotions involved their decision making process.

Email Address. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. People distance themselves from their dissociative groups, belong to their membership groups, and attempt to move toward their aspiration groups.

Put simply, a reference group is a people that can be used to form opinions and make better decisions. There are three types of reference groups: Dissociative groups, membership groups, and aspiration groups. People deliberately distance themselves from their dissociative groups i. If you understand your customers, you understand how to sell to them.

Reference groups give you a solid idea of what makes your customers respond. If you know who your customers are and who they want to be, you stand a much better chance of converting more of your audience into loyal customers.

Reference groups also give you an idea of where your potential customers are paying the most attention. Wherever that is, you should definitely be marketing there. Reference groups help you narrow down the seemingly endless possibilities. There are many ways to fail at marketing, and reference group testing is a great way to soften the blow when you get it wrong.

Reference Groups: Meaning, Types, Factors and Application | Consumer

If you have a marketing strategy, you can always make it better. Refining your message by engaging with reference groups might be the extra polish your marketing campaign needs in order to take off. Let's work together, results are waiting.

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Interested in understanding more? How a marketing consultant brings value to a marketing effort. Let's work Together. Move Forward Today.Few decisions are made in a vacuum. Where we live, where we work, the cars we drive, and the toothpaste we use often are the results of what we hear and who we speak to. It may not be scientifically derived, but anecdotal information heavily influences our choices.

It stands to reason, then, that businesses will market goods and services based on the traits of those with whom we share our lives. They could be colleagues, classmates, or neighbors.

Likewise, they could be friends from the gym, fellow association members, or favored celebrities. If we can identify with them, they can be counted as a reference group.

Refine Your Marketing by Engaging Reference Groups.

Marketing professor Lars Perner of the University of Southern California contends that three factors determine identification with a reference group.

There are some people, for example, that we may admire or aspire to be like. These include movie stars, elite athletes, and public authority figures. We may not know them, but we still follow them. Others are closer to our own orbits, such as people we associate with because of what we hold in common: age groups, religious faiths, and political affiliations.

Finally, reference groups are determined on the basis of disassociation. Many adolescents, for example, actively seek to identify apart from their parental ties. Nonvoters, in the same way, refrain from civic participation because they feel alienated from the prevailing political system. Aspiration, association, and disassociation each contribute to the consumer profile.

using reference groups in marketing business community

Reference groups help people navigate their way through financial decisions, relationships, child-rearing, recreation, and many other aspects of life. Peer pressure certainly can be a negative, but it also can be a positive.

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Reference groups also help businesses, advertisers, and social scientists better determine patterns of behavior to sell products or craft policies. Case in point: a company that sells chewing tobacco is more likely to place an ad in a hunting magazine than in an urban nightlife periodical because its customers and prospects tend to be rural, middle-aged males.

Reference groups can be categorized in many ways.

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A key distinction is between formal and informal reference groups, the former consisting of clubs, organizations, and religious fellowships, while the latter often is comprised of friends or colleagues. In some cases, a reference group can be what is called an opinion leader, such as a rock star or famous politician, who attracts devotees.

Groups also can be divided into primary and secondary status, depending on how much influence they carry with a given person. Other paradigms include informational, normative, and identification reference groups.Read this article to learn about the meaning, types, factors and application of reference groups.

For example — In Vim bar ad, only the next door house wives are shown. Reference groups provide points of comparison by which to evaluate attitudes and behaviour. A consumer can either be a member of a reference group like family or aspire to belong to a group.

In first case, the individual is said to be in a membership group and in the second, the individual is part of an aspiration group. If an individual avoids the membership of a certain group, this type is called as dissociative group. This means reference groups can also be viewed negatively. These four types of reference groups are shown in the Fig 8. Advertisers use only positive attitude appeals in their ads. As marketers are interested only in the positive type of membership group, let us further break down membership and aspiration group.

Membership group can be further divided into primary or secondary and informal or formal. If a person has regular contact with certain individuals such as family, friends etc.

If the group members have less frequent contact amongst themselves, they from a secondary group like shopping groups, sports club etc. Marketers are interested in studying the primary group as they help in developing product beliefs, tastes and preferences and also directly influence the purchasing behaviour of an individual.

It is seen through research that members of groups with the greatest contact in a variety of situations are more likely to buy the same brands. Groups can also be divided by whether they have a formal structure with specific roles or an informal structure.

This classification produces four types of membership groups as shown in the Fig 8. Advertisers frequently portray consumption among friends and family. Primary formal groups have a more formal structure. These are groups with which the consumer frequently comes into contact.

Advertisers show membership in such groups as a means of winning product approval. Secondary formal groups are not important to the consumer, as they meet infrequently, are structured, and are closely knit. For example-alumni Groups, business clubs etc. This group is of least interest to the marketer. For example- when an individual aspires for a group higher in the organizational hierarchy, this is basically for rewards like power, status, prestige and money.

Marketers appeal to symbolic aspirations by using celebrities to advertise certain products. Reference groups have certain characteristics that affect their influence on consumers.

They establish norms, roles, socialization, status and power. Norms are the rules and standards of conduct established by a group. This means group members are expected to conform to these norms and they may relate to eating habits, makes of cars, clothes or cosmetics etc. Roles are the functions that the group assigns to an individual to attain group objectives.

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Various roles that have been identified in family decision making are the influences, the gatekeeper, decision maker, the purchaser and the consumer. Status refers to the position an individual enjoys within the group. High status implies greater power and influence. A person may enjoy a highest status in the organization but may be the weakest member in the tennis club.

An employer rewards an employee with money and status, family rewards the child with praise and approval. According to Park and Lessig, a consumer is motivated to conform to the norms and behaviour of the group if:.

Normative influence can occur even when others do not control tangible outcomes because people are concerned with their perceptions of what other think of them. This means, it may also occur for items such as mouthwash and denture adhesive, even if these items are not visible. For example- fashion conscious women receives clear signals from their peers which product to buy so that their choices were socially correct.Identifying and using reference groups in marketing are important because reference groups influence the attitudes, goals, aspirations, opinions, and information that determine customer standards and expectations regarding your business and your products or services.

Reference groups are people or groups used by individuals as a yardstick for self-assessment or as a model of personal taste, standards, attitudes, or behaviors. One does not have to be or even aspire to be a member of a reference group to be negatively or positively influenced by its characteristics.

These are:. Knowing the reference groups of your best customers and target audience provides a wealth of information about the kind of information prospects will want or need at each stage of the purchase journey, as well as how to shape the messaging and how to package the data.

It might also provide insight into where prospects are most likely to want to find information. Knowing the appropriate reference groups will allow you to choose someone well known in the aspiration group to speak for your brand.

These groups are important in the choice of products and services used in situations that are visible to others. Luxury products, for example, should be marketed to the appropriate membership or aspiration groups and should choose appropriate testimonials, recommendations, and spokespeople. It takes time to gather sufficient information to classify reference groups of customers and prospects.

Choosing the right people to appear in ads or to provide endorsements can be tricky — particularly if the person is known to hold an opinion at odds with a critical value held by your prospect.

However, when you have the necessary information, your marketing team can craft very powerful marketing messages that strike the right chord with your target audience. Using reference groups in marketing can be done by a business of any size, in any industry or sector.

Reference groups can help you develop powerful marketing programs that deliver the right message in the right packaging at the right time in the right place.

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Before you launch a campaign based on reference groups, it will be important to test it with representatives of the target market. Testing will ensure a match with the values, tastes, opinions, and behaviors of the group. This article was written for Business 2 Community by Vickie Pittard. Learn more about writing for B2C. Her role at Little Black Dog Social Media and More includes writing, content strategy, social media strategy, planning, monitoring, metrics and analysis. Join overof your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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using reference groups in marketing business community

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Knowing how to apologize is a must-have skill when responding to reviews.

using reference groups in marketing business community

To inspire people to change their minds, you need to act, too. Specifically, you need to go above and beyond what people expect from good service.

For example, if a couple complains about a hair in their food online, they expect the restaurant to apologize profusely. To really impress people, the restaurant needs to exceed expectations by offering free entrees next time they visit the restaurant. In the case of the Regatta Inn, a small bed and breakfast on Nantucket, the manager offered a free off-season night to a couple on TripAdvisor who had issues with the heat in their room during a short stay. The manager, Linda, offered a free night in person, but she reiterated it over TripAdvisor and even thanked the reviewer for the reminder to fix the issue all with a sense of humor to boot.

You get to decide whether they make or break your business. By taking the time to resolve issues online, you show your community just how much you value every customer. If you can always learn from these mistakes, nothing will hold your business back. The follow-up: How (and Why) You Should Respond to Positive Online ReviewsJoin 76,547 subscribers and get an original essay twice a week. Say hello on Twitter or through her website.

It only takes a jiffy to upgrade. Free PDF: 25 Ways to Thank Your Customers Ready to turn customers into advocates. The follow-up: How (and Why) You Should Respond to Positive Online Reviews Join 76,547 subscribers and get an original essay twice a week.

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