Advertising and marketing careers salary

What are the average salary ranges for jobs in the Marketing? There are jobs in Marketing category. Salary ranges can differ significantly depending on the job, industry, location, required experience, specific skills, education, and other factors Salaries listed below are U. Develops relationships with major clients in order to increase revenue.

Pursues relationships with potential new accounts and seeks business expansion opportunities with current clients. Has detailed knowledge of products and services being offered and ensures that products and services consistently meet client needs. Visits client locations periodically to ensure client satisfaction and promote o View job details. Develops relationships with larger and more complex clients in order to increase revenue.

Visits client locations periodically to ensure client satisfac Develops relationships with the largest and most complex clients in order to increase revenue. Typically work with national accounts and other strategically important clients. Has detailed knowledge of products and services being offered and ensures that products and services consiste Toggle navigation Demo.

Experience CompAnalyst: Demo. Narrow the results by filtering on category, industry and income. Display Compact Detailed.

Choose a Industry. Choose an Income Level.Toggle navigation Demo. Experience CompAnalyst: Demo. Marketing Jobs in Alabama.

Marketing Jobs in Arkansas.

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Marketing Jobs in Arizona. Marketing Jobs in California. Marketing Jobs in Colorado. Marketing Jobs in Connecticut. Marketing Jobs in District of Columbia. Marketing Jobs in Delaware. Marketing Jobs in Florida. Marketing Jobs in Georgia. Marketing Jobs in Hawaii. Marketing Jobs in Iowa. Marketing Jobs in Idaho. Marketing Jobs in Illinois. Marketing Jobs in Indiana.

Marketing Salary and Job Outlook

Marketing Jobs in Kansas. Marketing Jobs in Kentucky. Marketing Jobs in Louisiana. Marketing Jobs in Massachusetts. Marketing Jobs in Maryland. Marketing Jobs in Maine. Marketing Jobs in Michigan. Marketing Jobs in Minnesota. Marketing Jobs in Missouri. Marketing Jobs in Mississippi. Marketing Jobs in Montana.The marketing field is available to people with a wide variety of abilities. Whether you are skilled in writing, analytics, graphic design, leadership or others, there are marketing careers available to you with high earning potential.

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Marketing careers are also a good option for nearly any educational background. Whether you have studied marketing, business, english or art, there are marketing specialties that can benefit from your experiences.

Many marketing titles vary from business to business, so pay close attention to job descriptions to ensure you are applying for the best fitting position. While other fields might have high-earning entry-level positions like engineering or healthcare, marketing earning potential increases as you gain more experience.

Here are several marketing jobs with high earning potential that might be a good fit for you:.

advertising and marketing careers salary

Primary duties: Community managers are responsible for maintaining and developing online communities related to a brand or company. Another interpretation of this title is a person who is responsible for representing a brand in online properties such as social media, reviews, forums and more. Primary duties: Social media managers are responsible for overseeing and developing social media strategies for a brand.

They might work at a marketing agency or directly at a company to increase and maintain the health of their social media presence. Companies with this position: AthletaWeWorkRegus. They complete tasks such as developing relationships with key publishers, writing press releases and manage potentially damaging situations.

Primary duties: Media planners are responsible for identifying optimal patterns, times and platforms for distributing a marketing campaign. They typically work for marketing or advertising agencies for one or more clients.

Primary duties: Content marketing managers are responsible for developing and executing content strategies for a company to meet its sales goals. Content might include items such as blogs, videos, photos, infographics and more that is then distributed through various media. Companies with this position: GoogleIntuitFacebook. Primary duties: Account managers might work for agencies or publishers and are responsible for managing a book of business made up of one or more clients.

They might also be responsible for upselling or carrying out renewal sales to ensure the client meets sales goals. Companies with this position: AaronsVerizonDell. They oversee and maintain operations between multiple marketing managers who are responsible for different markets. Companies with this position: DeloitteAramarkUber. While they might solve problems with both traditional and digital marketing products or services, their main focus is working with digital tactics.

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Primary duties: Data analysts collect and interpret data for various business functions. The difference between a scientist and analyst is that analysts simply perform data collection and interpretations as opposed to analyzing risk and providing decision recommendations. Companies with this position: TroncHumanaAdobe. Primary duties: Brand managers are responsible for developing and maintaining the way a brand is perceived.

They will work closely with design, marketing research and public relations teams to increase and strategically position a brand in the market. Primary duties: Market researchers study selling and buying patterns as they develop in our market.What are the average salary ranges for jobs in the Advertising?

There are jobs in Advertising category. Salary ranges can differ significantly depending on the job, industry, location, required experience, specific skills, education, and other factors Salaries listed below are U. Maintains relationships and favorable contacts with current and potential advertising accounts. Targets potential advertising clients and develops relationships in order to acquire new advertising accounts. May require a bachelor's degree.

Typically reports to a supervi View job details. Typically reports to a manager Manages, develops, and implements sales promotion policies, programs and initiatives to maximize the profits of the organization's sales. Researches, evaluates and recommends enhancements to the market positioning of the organization's products or services. Typically reports to a senior manager.

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Typically manages through subordinate managers and professionals in la Responsible for the creation and delivery of advertising of company products through various sources of media internet, print, broadcast.

Works with both internal and external resou Toggle navigation Demo. Experience CompAnalyst: Demo. Narrow the results by filtering on category, industry and income. Display Compact Detailed. Choose a Industry.

Choose an Income Level.

15 Marketing Jobs That Pay Well

Account Executive - Advertising. Account Executive, Sr. Advertising Account Executive. Advertising Coordinator. Alternate Job Titles: Advertising Specialist. View More. Are you an HR manager or compensation specialist? Learn about. About Advertising Category. The Advertising category includes jobs utilizing creative skills, experience, and imagination. People in these jobs produce the concepts, content, and messaging used in broadcast, print and digital media. Jobs by Categories. Jobs by Industries.As an advertising and marketing manager, your job is to create demand for the products and services you sell, and use paid media channels to persuade people to buy them.

The position may be combined into one management position, or divided between a marketing manager and an advertising manager. You do this by researching who is most likely to need or want your products, then determining the best ways to reach them. An advertising manager takes marketing research and combines it with creativity to generate interest and demand through paid media channels, such as magazine, television or billboard advertising.

If the company uses an outside advertising agency, you are the liaison between that agency and your company.

What Is the Annual Salary for a Marketing & Advertising Manager?

The AMA Salary survey reports that in5 percent of all marketing professionals sought an advanced degree, and 3 percent pursued professional certification. More than half saw their salaries increase in Bureau of Labor Statistics. In, people were employed in the U. Based in Central Texas, Karen S. Johnson is a marketing professional with more than 30 years' experience and specializes in business and equestrian topics.

Her articles have appeared in several trade and business publications such as the Houston Chronicle.

advertising and marketing careers salary

Johnson also co-authored a series of communications publications for the U. Agency for International Development. Work Careers Marketing Jobs. By Karen S. Related Articles.The variation among actual marketing salaries can be significant; different specialties can have such vast salary differences that one marketing career can pay almost double another. Specialization particularly boosts marketing degree salary ranges at the mid-level of a marketing career path.

Marketing salaries at the highest levels of a marketing professional's career only tell part of the story. Here are some statistics on salaries, job growth, and employer types for marketing professionals.

Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors.

According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for marketing is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations.

However, job growth will vary by the area of marketing in which you choose to specialize, as well as where you work. For example, newspaper publishing—a top employer of advertising managers—is on the decline, while electronic media outlets are expected to see employment growth.

In some fields, such as market research analyst, a master's degree may be required. Advertising managers who can navigate the digital world should have an advantage when it comes to finding a job, says the BLS.

Here are the most common places where business administration professionals can be found according to the BLS:. The ability to spot and analyze trends to determine creative marketing strategies for clients is essential, but education is still the best way to advance up the ladder.

A marketing manager may enter the field with a bachelor's degree, but earning a master's could increase your career options and give you access to senior management and administrative roles. If you want to be considered for that great promotion, you might want to think about one or both of these tips:. Skip to content. Is this page helpful? Yes No.Adam Rank: Rank: DeShone Kizer finishes as a Top-11 quarterback nfl. But how about a little love for his quarterback, DeShone Kizer.

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advertising and marketing careers salary

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advertising and marketing careers salary

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